Due to the special nature of the non-standard automation industry, after the company receives the customer program, the engineering team will evaluate the feasibility of the case in a professional, comprehensive and problematic manner during the implementation process. A complete solution design is given where it can be implemented. Let customers truly realize the purpose of replacing labor with machines, reducing labor costs and increasing productivity.


After sales:

1. Shengjie will provide customers with a full range of services. During the contract warranty period, the company undertakes equipment operation training, maintenance, overhaul, targeted repairs, technical consulting services, and consumables and standard parts during this period. All repairs and replacement costs caused by natural damage.

2. After receiving the repair call, we will reply within half a working day. For those who need to go to the scene to solve the problem, we will send people to the on-site service within 24 hours .

3. Provide spare parts to customers at cost price within the service life of the equipment.

4. Provide free lifetime technical consulting services.

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